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My First Show Reel

Year of production:2011


I was asked to submit a show reel along with a proposal to do a documentary project.


What is a show reel? Simple answer is the best portfolio to let other people know how cool you are.


After a stressed few days scanning through all my HD footages, here is the quick result. Hope it serves the propose of the show reel.

This is why bobbit worm spooked me out

Year of production:2013


I'd seen the still photo of bobbit worm many years ago. It does look scary in the photo... but really can't compare when I saw it moved with my own eyes.


While waiting to record some action, this poor toby fish (aka. pufferfish) just swim in the bad situation. There's no herding, or abusing this fish to swim in that direction. It just coincident and I'm just lucky to keep the record button on.

Simon's Town UW Highlight

Year of production:2015


A short video for my South Africa 2014 trip summery. The video compiles from footages and stills of every camera that I used during the trip; iPhone, GoPro and Canon 70D.

Thailand Photobank Project

Year of production:2011


This vdo was done to use as a promotion vdo for Thailand underwater photo bank project. The project supposed to launch around 2011. It's a good attempt to record the change of underwater area in Thailand over many years by let normal diver submit the photos. In the end the project was sadly not happen.


All footages in the vdo were taken in Thailand over many years.

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Find more of video work on my vimeo channel
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